Professional IT Services
PC installation
and network architecture
installation and configuration

Contract outsourcing
Corporate Internet
access and e-mail provision

Client case study:
Market Leader in Credit Analysis

Client needs: The firm's global IT systems are managed from their head office in San Francisco to ensure quality of service for internal clients. The company's Tokyo office needed a local resource to provide on-site support as required, as well as capability to provide technical liaison with Japanese vendors and service providers.

Solution: An economical Service Level Agreement was proposed where Joho Technology support staff would be available as necessary for telephone and on-site support. Our bilingual resources are utilized to coordinate head office IT requirements with local service providers, as well as providing support engineers for workstation, network and server administration at the Tokyo office.

Results: Tokyo users have unlimited phone access to local support from Joho, and can escalate action as necessary to minimize downtime. The client's IT group has a resource equivalent to a full IT support department available for their Tokyo office, at a fraction of the cost.

Other Client Success Stories
International branch office
Small and medium business
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Professional IT services >>
Maintenance, security
updates, and antivirus protection

Primary benefits
Minimized downtime through preventative maintenance
Freedom from virus/hacking attacks
Reduced business risk
Choose level of protection appropriate to your needs

The Joho Approach

1. Client Assessment
Licensing requirements survey
Budget/financing considerations
Written report of findings

2. Solution Design
Product and support pricing
Additional vendor/system recommendations
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

3. Implementation
Software/patch installation
Customized scripts
Regular maintenance scheduling
Complete documentation

4. Upkeep and Reporting
License upgrades and renewals
User awareness training
Client change orders and modifications
Documentation updates

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